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Rose Latchman-Bloom

Tuna Rose Latchman Bloom PortraitRose Latchman-Bloom, 52, was a yoga teacher but due to an injured shoulder she had to give it up.

“In my mid 20s I studied to become a yoga teacher, learned martial arts, fitness training and had a new career,” says Rose. “It all ended 20 years ago after a boating accident damaged my left shoulder. Massage, physiotherapy, electrical treatment, pain killers – all gave temporary relief but the arm got so weak and painful I could hardly use it. In the end I couldn’t even do my own shopping or housework and could only supervise yoga classes with a student demonstrating for me.

Tuna Rose Yoga Pose“When the consultant said there was nothing he could do and just be grateful I wasn’t left- handed, I got desperate and was prepared to try anything. I’d read about the benefits of Omega-3 fats in tuna oil and after just a couple of weeks of taking TunaCaps I had more movement and less pain. A month later I was exercising and training and it wasn’t long before I was back to normal. Now, two years later, I still take one capsule a day and I’m working harder than ever. At £10 for 8 weeks supply it’s cheaper than the prescription charge for pain killers and I don’t get any side effects.”