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eggsOmega-3s are a group of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that play an important role in many processes in the human body. These generally cannot be synthesized by the body in adequate quantities or be supplied in significant amounts in our regular diet.

You can find foods that are fortified with omega-3 fats but realistically they contain insignificant levels, though 60% of shoppers believe they offer a real health benefit.

For an adult to reach the recommended amounts by relying on foods fortified with omega-3 , you would need to eat 16 slices of fortified bread, five omega-3 enriched eggs, six omega-3 drinks or a litre of omega-3 enriched milk a day.

breadThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) recommends we eat a minimum of two portions of fish each week, one of which should be an oily fish (one portion is about 140mg). This provides a daily intake of 450mg of EPA and DPA.   Two thirds of people in the UK don’t eat oily fish.

One way to increase your intake of Omega-3s is to take a supplement. Most people tend to choose Cod Liver Oil, but generally, Cod Liver Oil has lower levels of EHA and DPA. Many other oils and blends also have lower levels of EHA and DPA.

It is important to look at the total amount of EPA and DHA combined when choosing a supplement.

What is EPA and DHA?

The key benefits of Omega-3s come from these very long chain omega-3s. They have different roles within the body:

TunaCap® has the highest ratio of EPA/DHA of all fish oils.  TunaCap® contains only pure natural tuna oil, no additives or blends of other fish oils.

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